So Excited to Share With You My Brand New Book That's Near and Dear to My Heart!

"Tis So Suite: Tales of an Innkeeper" - Out Now

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Hi I'm Kathy

I'm passionate about helping people see the gold inside of them and I assist them in achieving their dreams. Whether that's working on relationship skills or getting organized so you can be more effective in your day to day projects, I come alongside as you work on getting breakthrough in realizing your dreams.
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  • Kathy uses words thoughtfully and communicates her thoughts clearly. She effectively unmasks personal beliefs that trip you up (my experience) and offers alternatives for a more hope filled journey. Your investment of time with Kathy will enable you to create an action plan for change and hope in your life!

    Barb Patey
  • People! Do yourself a favor and ask for a session! I just had my session with Kathy and she not only read your mind, but also put everything into the right words. She helps you dig deep into your heart and see what things you are unconsciously still struggling with. I also loved the practical tools she gives you to overcome those unconscious things, and the tools to help accomplish your goals and dreams that you share as she helps you uncover them. Give yourself an opportunity and try a session with her! You will not regret it.

    Maria Uribe
  • Kathy was the greatest gift to me as I was launching my candle business. She gave me so much encouragement, confidence and knew exactly how to help me present and market my product. She had a wealth of information and an eye for style; she helped me turn a dream into a reality and I was incredibly thankful. Kathy is the kindest, most generous, and capable businesswomen I know. She breathed life into my dreams and gave me the courage to follow them!

    Mollie Brown
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